Profitability And Stock Turn Rate

The inventory of the typical store represents the largest single element of its total assets. The sale of goods from this inventory is the merchant’s chief source of operating profit. Thus, the way in which this merchandise investment is put to work is of utmost importance in achieving a profitable operation. To illustrate, a retailer […]

Selecting Rules for Investing and Trading

There are three important differences between investing and trading. Overlooking them can lead to confusion. A beginning trader, for example, may use the terms interchangeably and misapply their rules with mixed and unrepeatable results. Investing and trading become more effective when their differences are clearly recognized. An investor’s goal is to take long term ownership […]

Forex Trading Signals

The number of people who want to join the foreign exchange world is rising. Small investors and capitalists along with big financial companies can now participate in the present market and are allowed to access this business. This is not to say that it is necessarily advisable for someone new to the Forex world should […]